BBM rolls out new dynamic emoticon and sticker picker

With the last BBM update, a lot of folks weren't happy that BBM defaulted to using stickers before emoticons in the app and didn't hold back on letting BlackBerry know the change was less than ideal. Thankfully, BlackBerry is pretty open to listening to feedback and as such, have now pushed a new BBM update into BlackBerry World that fixes the situation up a bit by meeting somewhere in the middle.

Some of you have told us that you love the new sticker picker – and some of you have told us you don't. We're listening. That's why, starting today, we are rolling out a new dynamic emoticon / sticker picker. It works like this:

Let's say you've typed something in the text field, like "I got you the perfect gift". – When you press the emotion picker it shows emoticons like it always has in past versions of BBM. Go ahead and add that smiley! Here's the cool part: If no text has been entered, and you press the button it will give you the option to send a big, bold sticker.

It's not a complete reversal on the change, but it's a reasonable resolution to the situation. It still allows BlackBerry to promote stickers while leaving those who prefer to use emoticons with quick and easy access to them. The update has appeared in BlackBerry World for most folks so if you're not seeing it, go ahead and give BlackBerry World a refresh and it'll likely appear for you. Android users should also be seeing the update on Google Play.