BBM releases puzzle game 'Word Space with BBM' in Indonesia

Keeping in line with their earlier comments on releasing BBM enabled games, BBM has recently released a new brain-teasing word puzzle game called 'Word Space 'in Indonesia, where the object is to find hidden words and connect them.

BBM releases "Word Space with BBM", a brain-teasing word puzzle game where your mission is to find the hidden words and connect them using your fingers.

Available for download on Android devices, you can continue to play the game even when your devices are on airplane mode!

Have you been struggling in puzzle games previously as you advance to higher levels? Word Space with BBM has moderated its difficulty so you won't find the upper levels too tough, while expanding your vocabulary as you search for hidden words, providing endless fun with over 400 stages!

This surprisingly addictive game will suck you in and blast your freedom away. Get your friends and family on BBM to download from Google Play today.

Just as with their other game releases, unless you live in Indonesia you won't be able to download the game through Google Play, but if you're really wanting to give it a go I'm sure you can find a way. If you do live in Indonesia and are looking to give it a go, it's live now on Google Play.

Download Word Space with BBM from Google Play