You may have noticed that the cross platform BBM roll out didn't quite go to plan. The good news is that BBM is now officially available to download for the iPhone. While currently many iPhone users will be more than happy (maybe) with iMessage or other cross platform messaging clients we may need to give them a nudge to download BBM which if free.

Like with the Android version, users won't have the same extent of features as us BlackBerry users, but they will be able to enjoy chats, groups and file exchanging - with further features such as Channels and BBM Voice/Video to follow in future updates.

Spread the word to all your iPhone friends and get them downloading BBM ASAP. They may need educating slightly but once they get familiar with the 'D' and 'R' I'm pretty sure they will be happy with the most secure instant messaging app around. 

So grab your BlackBerry and message all your iPhone buddies now. They can either head on over to or why not send them this post where they can click the below link to download instantly. 

Download BBM for iPhone