BBM Music

If you're looking to stay up-to-date with BBM Music you'll want to go and hit up BlackBerry App World right now. If you rfresh your upgrades list, you should now find v1.2.0.17 available for download. This release, is a jump from what was previously in the BlackBerry Beta Zone so it includes most of the same features from that beta with the exception of the default buddy:

  • Invitation Requests - Discovering similar musical tastes just got easier! When an invitation request is sent from a ‘friend of a friend’ through Recent Updates you will now be able to view songs and the common friend before accepting/declining an invitation.
  • ‘Favorite’ Songs and Contacts - You can now highlight songs or contacts as favorites in BBM Music 1.2! To favorite a song, you need to click on the star displayed in the top left hand corner while listening to a specific song. When the star is highlighted yellow, this will indicate the song as a “favorite” and you will now be able to access this song through “favorite songs” on your profile tab. Favorite songs will be displayed to your friends in Recent Updates For a favorite contact, when you visit a contact’s page you can select “favorite” from the top menu bar. This will add a highlighted yellow star beside the contact’s name in the contacts tab which will only be visible to you. You will now have the ability to search by “favorite”contacts within the contacts tab.
  • Intelligent Shuffle - Intelligent shuffle offers you the ability to shuffle songs by favorite songs, genre, artist, song popularity, album, contact, release year or recently added. To access the intelligent shuffle, on the home tab click “shuffle” which will display the shuffle menu shown below.
  • Application Enhancements - If you are an existing BBM Music user you will also notice improved notification for friends already using BBM Music, improved performance at startup and easier access to account information from the profile screen.

If you're not seeing it yet, just wait it out or refresh App World. It's there, and will show up soon.

Download BBM Music from App World

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