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BBM Music

If you live in Canada and use BBM Music, you'll want to hit up the BlackBerry Beta Zone and grab the latest update available. v1.1.0.11 has been made available for Canadians only there and brings quite a few new UI enhancements and some new features that make the overall user experience better. You can jump on past the break to see the full list of enhancements or just hit the beta zone link below.

Download BBM Music from the BlackBerry Beta Zone

What's new in BBM Music 1.1?:

Payment Enhancements

  • Ability to Request a Gift – Users can ask their BBM Contacts for a subscription to BBM Music.
  • Added Notifications – Splat notifications to continue free trials and prior to first subscription charge
  • Integration with BBM ‘Show what I’m listening to’ - Playing songs in BBM Music will update BBM Status if ‘Show what I’m listening to’ is selected within BBM (Requires BBM 6.1)
Search improvements
  • Server side search improvements for new releases and popular content
Usability improvements
  • Invites via Twitter and Facebook
  • Visible cues to add contacts at application start
  • Searching contacts by name
  • Sorting contacts by listens and recent updates
  • Improved “Add Songs” dialog
  • Improved playlist creation process
  • Improved performance throughout the app
  • Bug fixes
Subscription Gift Requests

You can now make a Gift Request when your trial completely expires. This lets you ask one of your BBM contacts to pay for your subscription, and allows users without a payment method to easily subscribe

Here's how:
  • When your trial expires, initiate a gift request from Options > Account Info > Gift Request
  • Select the BBM contact you want to request the gift from
  • Your contact will receive the request
  • Your contact enter their payment info, and the payment is processed
  • You receive confirmation of the gift
  • You enjoy free music for 30 days

Invite Friends via Text Message and Social Networks

You can now invite friends to BBM Music via text message, Twitter, and Social Feeds! It's easy!

  • Navigate to the Friends tab
  • Select “Add Contact”
  • Social Feeds invites can be posted to BBM, Facebook, Twitter, or Windows Live Messenger. You must have Social Feeds installed with your OS in order to use the Social Feeds feature.
‘Show What I’m Listening To’ Integration

BBM Music 1.1 is integrated with the ‘Show what I’m listening to’ feature in BBM 6.1.

  • In BBM 6.1, view your BBM profile
  • Select the checkbox
  • Any music played in BBM Music 1.1 will show as your status message in BBM 6.1

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