Unless you live in Indonesia, you've likely never actually used BBM Money but the service itself has not been forgotten about by BlackBerry. Now that BBM has grown a bit by going cross-platform on iOS, Android and soon Windows Phone as well as the launch of BBM Channels, there's more potential then ever for BBM Money to reach an audience and according to David Proulx, Senior Director of BBM Business Development in a recent interview with ReCode, we should be hearing more soon.

“Because we are, by nature, private and secure and reliable and regulatory-compliant, we are ideally suited to bring value in mobile money and financial services,” said Proulx. A BBM person-to-person money transfer service has been in trials in Indonesia, but Proulx said to expect BlackBerry to expand to more countries and more services this year. One area of keen interest is international transfers, Proulx said.

In an earlier post we outlined how the service could potentially take off but all the right pieces needed to be in place before it could be fully realized. We'd certainly need some more info to go on before proclaiming this as something great but the potential is certainly there and it would be something beneficial not only to BBM users but BlackBerry themselves when monetization is considered. 

Via: BerryReview