Just a quick heads up for you BlackBerry users that have buddies using iPhones, iPads or iPods. You can spread the word to them that BBM for iOS has received a rather nice update bringing a host of new improvements. There's still no video chat available which is a shame, but good things come to those who wait. I just hope that wait isn't too long.

With BlackBerry Messenger recently also hitting Windows Phone it means the community is still growing - with the top four operating systems all now having access to the best instant messaging client available.

New in version

  • Add new contacts to BBM by PIN, email, SMS, and barcode

  • Review and accept invites from other BBM users

  • Find friends using BBM

  • Invite address book contacts to download BBM

  • Display your barcode and scan barcodes all in one screen

What, your iPhone friends don't use BBM? Get them to download it right now. You know it makes sense. Send them the following link:

More information/Download BBM for iOS

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