BBM launching on KEYone Black Edition

BBM has now rolled out the latest update for Android users and this time around, they've focused on making BBM faster and giving users more options in how BBM stores content such as photos, videos and your chats.

What's New

  • Faster & lighter version of BBM: Opens faster and more responsive UI
  • Storage management: Ability to see and clear storage use by category (photo, videos, chats.)
  • Automatic website preview when you share a URL in a chat
  • Contact picker improvement: It's simpler now to share content to your contacts
  • Draft message preview when you share a channel post or discover content

Being able to clean up the storage is a great addition and automatic website previews are handy for knowing exactly where a link is taking you before clicking on it or even making sure you copied the right link. The same applies to BBM Channel sharing as well, the preview will pop up and let you know you got the right link BEFORE you fire it off. Get the latest downloaded if you haven't already.

Download BBM from the Google Play Store