BBM Enterprise update for BlackBerry 10 and Android brings new features and improvements

If you or your organization is making use of BBM Enterprise, you'll want to ensure you have the latest release downloaded. Right now, on Android and BlackBerry 10, a new build of BBM Enterprise is being rolled out that brings enhanced group chat options as well as few other new features including video calling support between BlackBerry 10 and Android/iOS contacts.

Overall Improvements

  • Video calling is now supported between BlackBerry 10 and Android/iOS contacts.
  • A new unified start chat flow allows you to search for local and remote contacts simultaneously, making it easier to start a new 1:1 or group chat.
  • Phone number field has been added to the cloud directory (if enabled by your IT administrator).
  • Chat content in BBM Enterprise is now maintained after you switch mobile devices.
  • Security improvements to prevent spam messages and invites from being received.

Existing group chats with 250 participants have been improved

  • Users who join can see message history
  • Attachments can be shared with all 250 members, even if the sender is offline
  • Now accessible from the Groups tab
  • Ability to send timed messages
  • Ability to retract individual messages or all sent messages
  • See which messages have been Delivered to and Read by with Ds and Rs
  • Enhanced groups with calendar and lists are no longer supported, and any existing chats will be removed upon upgrade. Please start a new secure group chat after upgrading.

If you're not using BBM Enterprise and are still using the consumer version of BBM on BlackBerry 10, keep in mind you will still see this update, although there are no changes to the consumer version as noted by BlackBerry. If you're on iOS and waiting for the update, that will be available soon as well.