Following Emtek announcing they would be shutting down consumer BBM on May 31, BlackBerry stepped in to announce they would be allowing consumers to sign up for BBM Enterprise for personal use. The Android app was quickly updated to allow for signups but the iOS app needed to be approved by Apple first, and now that updated version has arrived.


  • Buy individual BBM Enterprise subscriptions for personal use
  • Pin conversations to top of chat list
  • Refer to specific group chat participants using @mentions
  • Allow only group chat administrators to edit chat subject

If you're on iOS and wish to continue to use BBM beyond May 31, signing up for BBM Enterprise is the best option as it maintains many of the core features of BBM, supports end-to-end encryption and apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. BlackBerry will be providing the service for free for one year and after the first year, a 6-month subscription will be available for $2.49 USD.

Download: BBM Enterprise (free)

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