To be honest, I'm not sure why it took RIM soooo many years to finally start pimping out BlackBerry Messenger to the masses, but now that they've decided to advertise the fact BBM is awesome they are really pouring it on strong. We've seen BBM contests and Time Square ads, concert sponsorships and random barcodes to scan, BBM statistics bragging and a whole bunch of new BBM commercials hit the air. And I have a feeling the BBM marketing has only just begun.

RIM tossed all of the new tv spots up on their youtube channel, so we figured it wouldn't hurt to round them up all in one post for your viewing pleasure. Not that any of us existing BlackBerry users need any convincing that BBM is da bomb! For a lot of us, it's the hook that makes living a life without a BlackBerry impossible!  Five more videos below for you to enjoy. What's your favorite of the video spots? Let us know in the comments!

More BBM Ads

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