*UPDATE* - We've received an official statement from BlackBerry on the rumors, which are unfortunately not true. Read the statement here

We've been hearing rumors about the release of cross-platform BBM for the last few days, and it looks like the date may have just been pinned down. The T-Mobile UK Twitter account this morning let the world know that BBM will be coming to Android and iOS devices on June 27th.

Now we're not sure if this is an epic slip by Tmo or if we can count it as fact, but regardless it looks very promising that BBM may go cross-platform in just a few weeks.

While the @TMobileUK account is official and verified, It is a bit odd that the date would pop up via a carrier and not straight from BlackBerry - so we're not really sure what the deal is here. We'll do a bit of digging to see what we can find out, but in the meantime keep your fingers crossed that the date does indeed hold true.

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