BBM Channels begins rolling out stats for individual posts

If you're heavy into BBM Channels and have been hoping for a way to view stats for individual posts to arrive, now is the time to celebrate. It looks as though that's the latest feature to be added to BBM Channels through the desktop admin portal.

As noted by BerryFlow:

Today as I was posting some content to one of my BBM channels I noticed something I hadn't seen before. There is a new button on individual posts to the right of the comments button that looks like a bar chart. Available on the desktop Channels portal at BBMC.ES

When you click on this button, it pulls up a window that shows you the location and demographic info of anyone who read the post. It doesn't look like it's working quite yet, as I clicked on several of my posts and no data showed up.

I went through and checked my channels as well, the individual stat options are there but the data is not populating as of yet, so it appears to be something that is rolling out gradually. If you have any channels, go ahead and check and see if you have the options. It's rather interesting how BlackBerry has been rolling out updates to channels. Seemingly randomly, without any real timeline. The last update was post scheduling back in October 2015 and before that, it was targeted audience options in May of 2015.