BBM Channels!

Well, it appears sometimes cheaters do prosper. After barely surviving my first BBM Channel Chat on Monday using my BlackBerry Q10 and thumbs, for my second chat I opted to use my BlackBerry Z30.

However... I didn't use just the BlackBerry Z30. Getting clever, I paired up the Z30 to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and took advantage of the microHDMI out port to connect to a bigger computer monitor. The experience was HEAVENLY. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fast two thumb typer on a BlackBerry qwerty keyboard - but give me a full computer keyboard and ten fingers to type with and I move into that 120+ words per minute range. And that's exactly what you need when trying to chat with dozens of people all at once.

The overall experience this time around was much more manageable on my end of things. My observations and feedback following the first BBM Channel Chat still stands, but overall I was able to type fast while jumping around quick between chats using mouse-guided navigation. I guess this is evidence in a way that BBM on Desktop could be an awesome thing. Oh yeah, and one re-realization I had during this chat was that BBM Stickers don't work in Channel Chats. Which is too bad - I wanted to use some stickers and was bummed out when I couldn't.

It was a fun week having had the chance to talk chat with so many CrackBerrians. I'm loving BBM Channels!! The plan is to host the half-hour long chats weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting at 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm GMT (and odds are they'll stretch out longer). If you're not yet a subscriber to my BBM Channel, you can add it at: C00010BC5. Hope to chat with you next week!