BBM Challenge Council
Over the past several months, RIM has sponsored the BBM Challenge Council as part of the BBM Generation Program for Youth, giving young adults the chance to compete to become the next big thing in their chosen field. With six categories to choose from, there was a lot on the line for some aspiring minds in fashion, film, pop culture, sports, music, and entrepreneurship as they competed in their respective fields to take home the top prize. During the competition, the competitors used BBM to communicate with their celebrity BBM Challenge Council Member, and social media to help earn votes on their entries.

All four challenges are done, and the judges have picked the winners who now get a chance to fly with their teams to meet with their BBM Challenge Council Member. Grand prize winners and finalists all got new BlackBerry Bold 9900s as well. This competition was pretty cool, and will inspire not only those that participated, but hopefully will encourage other young adults to pursue their ambitions as well. You can check out the winners for each category after the break, and full details are at the link below.

Full details on the BBM Challenge, the council members, and the winners

  • In the Fashion category, 20 year old Theresa from Vancouver, BC, Canada will get to meet Whitney Port to discuss her future goals from becoming a world traveler and fashion designer.
  • Devon, a 17 year old living in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada, won the grand prize in the Film category. He will get to spend the day with Michelle Trachtenberg.
  • The Pop Culture category was won by Tristan, a 22 year old from Garden Grove, CA. He will fly out to meet Jared Eng, of the popular blog
  • 25 year old Brittany of Somerset, NJ took home the grand prize honor in Entrepreneurship and a chance to share her business and advertising ideas with Lauren Berger.
  • Grand prize winner in Music, Audrey, is 15 and from Cherry Hill, NJ. She will meet her idol Greyson Chance and learn how to make a break into her dream career.
  • Last but not least, 17 year old Amy of Walnut, IA won the Sports category and a trip to meet with Hope Solo.
Congratulations to all the winners and finalists! I hope to see this sort of competition again in the future, as it's not only a great way to promote following your dreams and giving your all to pursue success, but it's an awesome way to show the power of BlackBerry and BBM to the next generation of smartphone users.

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