BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated

Following the announcement of BBM Protected improvements as part of BlackBerry's expansion of their enterprise software portfolio, a new BBM update for BlackBerry 10 has arrived containing those improvements. The changelog for the update is brief, noting the changes for BBM Protected and the ability for users to set a subject for a multi-person chat, but we've expanded on what it all means.

BBM Protected updates

  • Team Chats – BBM Protected now allows organizational teams to take advantage of context-specific, secure BBM collaboration sessions. By assigning a subject to the Team Chat session, team members can keep track of what's important, stay productive and enhance what they can accomplish. This is a key capability for regulated industries like healthcare, enabling doctors and other providers to securely share information about patients to improve care, or in financial services, allowing wealth managers to communicate clients' financial data with support staff to enhance client service and satisfaction.
  • High Priority Messages – BBM Protected users can tag important BBM Protected Messages within a conversation as High Priority messages, ensuring they are not missed. High Priority messages are marked in red text to signify their importance, allowing users to identify that the message contains an action item that needs to be immediately acted upon. High Priority messages promote BBM Protected users to action upon critical communication situations, to generate more productive outcomes when it matters most.
  • Delivered and Read Notifications Available in Multi-Person Chats – BBM Protected users can now see exactly who has read or has received a BBM Protected message when communicating with multiple individuals. This enhancement to Multi-Person Chats helps improve secure communications by enabling enhanced engagement within, between and outside of organizational teams.
  • IT Administrator Policy: Restrict Copy and Paste – There are some communications that are for certain eyes only. Now IT administrators can protect the security of those messages by restricting company employees from using copy and paste functionalities within a BBM Chat through the Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry IT Admin Console. This added security layer prevents data leakage and ensures that an organization's information & data stays within a given organization or group of people.

All that is to say, there's not a lot of changes here unless you're using BBM Protected but it's still an update, and there's always the usual bug fixes and improvements that get added to every release, so go ahead and get it downloaded.

Download BBM for BlackBerry 10