BlackBerry has rolled out an update to its BBM beta app on Windows Phone today, and while it doesn't bring any fancy new features, it does include a whole slew of bug fixes.

Here's the breakdown os issues fixed in BBM beta version

  • Restarting BBM brings up the "Find friends" screen intermittently
  • BBM crashes when trying to add an image when adding a post
  • Feeds tab does not display splat on Channel or Contacts updates
  • Unable to add screenshots when adding a post with an image
  • Newly created Channel appears with a join icon on search
  • BBM freezes after sending or receiving a Sticker
  • BBM is slow to load featured/owned/subscribed Channels on HTC devices

While all of those bug fixes are definitely welcome, BlackBerry also notes the following list of known issues in this build:

  • DOB confirmation dialog appears multiple times while user tries to join different channels
  • Channel invites do not reach users when trying to add contact to invite to channel
  • Channels avatar cannot be changed
  • BBM crashes and user Cannot create channel on Windows Nokia 530 device
  • BBM displays white screen when trying to add post with image
  • Cannot add camera photos or screenshots to add image post
  • Channel names are not in alphabetical order in the my channels and subscribed channels page

If you'd like to snag the update and squash some of those annoying bugs, you can hit up the store link below to get started.

Thanks to Angella for the tip!

Download BBM beta from the Windows Phone Store)

QR: BBM Beta