If you're part of either the BBM for Android or iOS beta group, then chances are you already know these updates are available and have got them downloaded but if you're not in either of those groups, here's a quick run through of what has been included in the updated beta releases of BBM.


  • Group general discussion chat now displays all group updates and new content added to the group including lists and calendar entries.
  • New Discover Screen - From the new Discover screen, you can get stickers and subscriptions. New features and content are always being added, so make sure you check the Discover screen often.
  • Set duration for muting notifications
  • Share longer videos
  • Share directly to frequently contacted BBM friends (Android 6.0+)


  • Turn notifications on or off per chat or group. On Chats tab, swipe from right to left on chat, tap more and tap Mute.
  • New BBM Setting to hide the message preview in notifications.
  • Buy Now button in BBM Channels Posts.
  • Share pictures with BBM contacts, conversations and groups from the Photos app.
  • Retract has been expanded to more content (Stickers, Voice Notes, File attachments, Glympse or Calendar events)
  • Multi-person chat improvements, including a new Start Chat contact picker, Clear messages from Multi-person chat and Team Chats.
  • Groups improvements made to Group profile and Group chats.
  • Apple Universal Links - Tapping on pin.bbm.com and shop.bbm.com hyper links now open directly in BBM, no more Safari redirects. iOS 9+

Again, you need to be part of the beta groups in order to receive these updates but at least now you know what to expect. As BlackBerry has noted with their BBM Video releases, these updates are part of the larger BBM update coming this summer, so don't expect them to be in beta for too long. Also, a buy now button in BBM Channel posts? Sounds like BlackBerry has been listening to the feedback on how to improve Channels.