BBM feed

BBM continues to explore and add new features to their beta releases, and the latest is no different. The latest release now rolling out through the Google Play Store covers improved video sharing, a new Feeds redesign but beyond that, there are also new features such as text styling in chats and deeper integration with BBMoji.

  • Try exploring the new redesign Feeds by posting a text or image status
  • Improved video sharing performance. Try sending multiple videos at once. A progress bar will appear to show the uploading progress
  • Try typing common keywords like 'thanks & lol' to see recommended BBMoji
  • Try highlighting the words in the text area to reveal different text styles

From my testing, the text styling options don't get super fancy, you're not getting any animated GIF text or anything like that but it is a nice addition that allows for bold, italics, underline and strikethrough text options, allowing for you to be a bit more expressive over chat. The beta is live now, and I think registration is open currently, so you can sign up here if you're not already on the beta releases.

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