The buzz this morning is all about the leaked BBM for Android APK that turned up in the CrackBerry forums. It offered a small glimmer of hope for some Android users to get in early on the BBM fun, but alas, it's not working.

It appears that the service is still locked down on Android unless you're on "the list", so if you don't have a whitelisted BBID (and we're pretty sure you don't) then you'll get stuck on the setup screen and that will be the end of it. 

Statement from BlackBerry:

The excitement around the upcoming launch of BBM for Android and iPhone users is amazing. We want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, but wanted to let people know that the program is structured so that only those in the beta will be able to use the app. The version we've seen on the Web in the last couple of days can be downloaded, but will not work on devices that are not approved in the beta program.

If you have an Android device you're more than welcome to try it out but you'll suffer the same fate as everyone else and just have to wait things out until an official release comes down the wire. 

Hit up the forums for more discussion and if you happen to get it working, do let us know.

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