BBM 6 Social Platform

So you installed BlackBerry Messenger 6 but are wondering what all the fuss is about? Well BBM 6 brings loads of social goodness to the great messenger that you already know and love. There are plenty of apps on the way that will take full advantage of the BBM Social Platform, and there are already some that are ready to roll. So if you're looking to get more social from your social, keep reading to see what apps you can use to get the most out of BBM.

BBM 6 Enabled Applications and Games


Foursquare for BlackBerry

"RIM is a fantastic partner. We're thrilled to be working with them to provide a better experience to millions of foursquare users around the world by integrating foursquare with BBM," said Holger Luedorf, VP of Mobile and Partnerships for foursquare. - Foursquare 

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PowWow Premium

PowWow Premium BlackBerry PowWow Premium BlackBerry

"PowWow uses BBM 6 integration to enable real time social event coordination," said Kathryn Lahrs, Founder, Lahrs Apps. "Users are directly invited and notified of events that are created with our application. With PowWow, the latest information is available and BBM chats can quickly be started if any further communication is desired. Through BBM 6 PowWow users can share their location information, which is displayed in BlackBerry Maps. There is also an option
to check your contact's availability directly from their calendars and to create an event with this information; this is a very useful tool in event planning and saves time in the process." - PowWow 

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Poynt for BlackBerry Poynt for BlackBerry

"I don't know anyone who doesn't immediately react to the 'chime' of BBM," said Margaret Glover-Campbell, VP Marketing & PR of Poynt Corporation. "Being able to leverage BBM 6 to share search results provides a tremendous advantage to our BlackBerry smartphone user base who can now easily and quickly coordinate their social activities. The ability to share the app download directly within BBM is also exciting for us, given the immediacy and viral nature of the platform. From a development perspective, we see tremendous possibilities for future integration around connecting people while they're on the go." - Poynt 

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ScoreMobile ScoreMobile

"Following sports is inherently social - fans are extremely passionate, and like to trash talk, comment, and generally share their opinions on whatever they're watching," says Dale Fallon, VP Digital Products, Score Media. "By integrating BBM 6 functionality right into the ScoreMobile experience, we enable our users to enjoy the game with their friends even when they're not together. In a nutshell, BBM 6 integration allows sports fans to be social without having to leave the ScoreMobile app." - ScoreMedia  

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Jingu for BlackBerry Jingu for BlackBerry

"Jingu users are engaging with BlackBerry Messenger in an exciting new way," said Pankaj Gogia, Founder, Jingu Apps. "With BBM 6, ease of use is greatly enhanced with capabilities like updating your BBM profile picture directly from within the application. Jingu is dedicated to creating social networking applications built on the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform that leverage the new capabilities of BBM 6 and bring enriched and vastly immersive experiences to end users." - Jingu Apps 

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The Huffington Post

Huffington Post

"The Huffington Post, a leader in implementing social features to reach and interact with its network of readers and bloggers, integrates the BlackBerry Social Platform to create a place where our users can continue to engage in up-to-the-minute news stories, blogs, and analysis," said Paul Berry, CTO of the Huffington Post Media Group. "As a BBM connected app, we make it simple for our readers to easily share and discuss the news. BBM 6 allows The Huffington Post to continue to reach its audience in a new way when they are on the go, and without having to compromise on the quality of their experience." - Huffington Post  

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Pocket Ants

Pocket Ants

"One of the keys to viral game sales is to allow users to easily invite their friends to join them in playing the games they love," said Keith Pichelman, CEO, Concrete Software. "Integrating BBM into Pocket Ants has allowed the game to do just that." - Concrete Software 

Backgammon King

Backgammon King

"Players have always been able to play Backgammon King against real opponents but playing against your friends took a lot of time and effort," said Troy Johnson, Director Strategic Initiatives, Magmic. "Your BBM contacts are your friends and BBM 6 is making it incredibly easy to share Backgammon King with them and invite them to play in real-time. The ease of access to our product, the ease of sharing and the ease of player engagement are each major breakthroughs. Combine those attributes of BBM 6 with Magmics' industry leading in-game chat design and you have an incredibly entertaining experience. Trash talking your best friend over a game of backgammon has never been easier and more fun. It's no exaggeration to say, for Backgammon King, BBM 6 is a real game changer." - Magmic 

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The fun doesn't stop here. These are just a few of the great apps and games that take advantage of the new BBM 6. There are others ready for you to try out as well as plenty on the way. BBM 6 really does make things more social, so check out these and other apps to maximize your socializing. 

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