It's time for a quick run through of what's new for us BlackBerry 10 users now that BBM version 10.3 is here. In terms of new features, the amount that we have is not huge, but what we have got are some quality improvements - in particular in the location sharing department. 

Having the option to share our location via Glympse is not new news for us, but the way it performs certainly is. Prior to BBM 10.3, if you shared your location with another BBM contact they would be prompted to accept and the web browser would open up showing a location. Not anymore. Now the map is fully integrated into BBM which not only makes for a more enjoyable experience all round, but it just feels smooth and seamless. 

Need a few tips on how to use Glympse for BBM? Hit up our 'How To' post. 

Dropbox integration is new for us too in BBM. Now when you want to share a file with another BBM contact you'll have Dropbox as an option. Just jump into your photos/files stored in the cloud and instantly send them to your buddies - a nice implementation to go along with sharing pictures, calendar, contacts, locations and documents - all easily accessible from the paperclip icon we are now used to seeing next to the text field box. 

Emoticons - Us BlackBerry users are rather partial to these. BBM 10.3 brings some additional ones to the table although for some reason there do seem to be a few missing currently when looking at the full list we published recently. I thought we were going to have a total of 200 to play with. If I can count properly I only make it 184, but that's still pretty awesome. 

So, as I mentioned previously, the enhancements we now have with BBM for BlackBerry 10 are not big in quantity, but there are certainly big in terms of quality. That'll do for now. And with the BBM 2.0 roll out for iOS and Android it's made for a rather good week. Nice work BlackBerry.