BlackBerry Messenger is a great way to communicate, no matter the subject. With Delivered and Read notifications, you always know where you are in the conversation. By now, you've probably seen the BBM Flirt commercials. Just like in the video, it's easy to add new contacts just by scanning the BlackBerry PIN barcode. One BlackBerry will be the scanner while the other will show a barcode; it doesn't matter which you are. A new contact will be added to both phones.

Show your PIN: Get your BlackBerry ready by showing your PIN barcode. From BlackBerry Messenger, open the menu and select "Show My Profile." It's probably somewhere near the bottom. Under your actual PIN is a button marked "Show." Clicking this will show your barcode. Your phone is ready for scanning.

Scanner: Again, from BlackBerry Messenger, open the menu and select "Invite Contact." Don't be fooled by that "Scan a Group Barcode;" You want "Invite Contact." From the choices, select "Invite by scanning a PIN barcode." You'll most likely get a short animation explaining what you're about to do. Click continue to start. Just position your BlackBerry so you can see the scannee's barcode through your phone's camera. You may need to move the BlackBerry closer and further away until the camera gets a good picture.

Once the scanner has a good shot of the barcode, BlackBerry Messenger takes care of the rest. The camera shuts off and a new contact is added to BBM. The only thing left for you is to start chatting.

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