BBM (formerly BlackBerry Messenger) is a data-based instant messaging network that is exclusive to BlackBerry devices. Messages are sent over BlackBerry’s private network, ensuring security and privacy. End users have long enjoyed helpful features such as notifications which show if a message was successfully sent, if it was read, and if the other party is currently typing a response.

Since its inception, BBM has grown in functionality to include groups with shared calendars, lists and files. Application developers can also make their apps BBM-connected in a number of ways, including showcasing their app on a user’s BlackBerry Messenger profile. Music played on a BlackBerry’s native media player can also be optionally shown as a status message on BBM.

BBM has always been a BlackBerry only app, but as announced during BlackBerry Live 2013, BBM officially went cross-platform on Android and iOS on October 21, 2013.