CrackBerry Kevin & Ham Sandwich for Chairman of the Board!

Earlier this week we ran a poll asking the CrackBerry community who should be Research In Motion's Chairman of the Board. The results are in, and they speak volumes... the % breakdown is as follows:

6.9% of you think current Chairman Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis should continue in the roll
15.52% of you think rumored future Chairman Barbara Stymiest has what it takes
20.42% of you think a ham sandwich is best suited to take on the challenge, and
57.17% of you think CrackBerry Kevin's passion for BlackBerry would help save RIM

With that kind of support out of the gate for me and the ham sandwich, we got together for lunch and decided that together we'd have close to 80% of the popular vote. So it's on CrackBerry Nation... CrackBerry Kevin + Ham Sandwhich FTW in 2012! See ya at the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders!  :)

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