BBbundle is a new app store that features software bundles for BlackBerry at great saving. The first offer, the Ultimate BlackBerry Experience Bundle contains six apps at an 85% discount. The bundle features bMind, Final Battle Adventure, PhotoClub, SlickTasks, Horoscope Pro and Personality Psychology Pro for just $9.99. The deal is only on for the next 5 days, so get now while the getting is good. If that's not enough incentive, for every bundle purchased, $1 also goes to to the Akshaya Trust.

The bundles won't be available for BlackBerry 10 devices either, but if you're using a pre-OS 7 device you're good to go. Keep reading for the full press release and hit up the link below for more info.

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BBbundle Launches the Ultimate BlackBerry Experience Bundle, 6 Apps for 85% off with Partial Proceeds Donated to Charity

The newly-launched BBbundle store gives mobile device users scores of BlackBerry app deals. To get things started, BBbundle is announcing its very first BlackBerry app deal, "The Ultimate BlackBerry Experience" which features 6 amazing apps for one low price. BBbundle plans to donate 11% of the profits from this deal to a special charity fund, the Akshaya Trust.

Amsterdam, NL (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

In response to the rising need for mobile devices like the Blackberry, founders of the brand new app store, BBbundle, package premium BlackBerry apps, developed by various developers, and offer the packaged deal to customers for a limited time. Once a deal ends, a new one takes its place.

For every bundle purchased, BBbundle will send $1 to the Akshaya Trust, which can feed one person a full three meals for a single day. The total donation BBbundle provides will also help complete the construction of a larger and more functional Akshaya Home, a center in which the homeless can find food, shelter and volunteers who care.

The first BlackBerry deal available at BBbundle offers six applications with a retail value of $50. Customers can purchase this deal for the next 30 days at the ultra low price of only $9.99. "The Ultimate BlackBerry Experience" contains these applications:

1. bMind by Glam Software: With a retail value of $17, this BlackBerry app is a mind mapping and brainstorming solution. bMind ignites the creative parts of the brain and helps organize thoughts and put them into action quickly while dealing with vast amounts of information.
2. Final Battle Adventure by CrazySoft Limited: Retailed at $6, Final Battle is a humorous adventure game reminiscent of the classic fun of bygone video game days. During the age of the knights the main character awakens with amnesia and must try to escape and learn his own story while attempting to stay alive.
3. PhotoClub by MMMOOO: PhotoClub can help users to adjust, crop and add effects to photos, add clipart and frames, and in this version, users can make beautiful collages and share them via SMS. The regular price of this app is $7.
4. SlickTasks by Glam Software: SlickTasks is a visually-stunning task manager application for organizing a user's life and "to-do" lists. This bestselling BlackBerry app has a retail value of $10 and has been purchased more than 25,000 times.
5. Horoscope Pro by TrustBe: Written by real astrologers with a reputation for accuracy, Horoscope Pro allows users to look deep into the current year or take a quick glimpse into yesterday. With a value of $5, this BlackBerry app is both fun and omnipresent.
6. Personality Psychology Pro by CrazySoft Limited: With Personality Psychology, a $5 value, users can learn about their psyche and have fun at the same time. It includes a massive pack of personality tests and games that amuse and entertain.

About the New BBbundle Web Store:

BBbundle offers BlackBerry and mobile device users deals on Blackberry apps bundled together into one product for a limited amount of time. To learn more about the new BBbundle store, and the causes it supports, visit