When I fired up Chrome today I was happy to see that the BB10 / PlayBook App Manager extension has received a bit of an update. In addition to a bit of behind the scenes tweaks the extension now takes on "BB10" in its name so it's no longer just titled for the PlayBook. There is also a nifty BlackBerry toolbar icon for easy access to the app.

If you haven't used the extension before, it's really the easiest way to sideload to your BlackBerry 10 phone or PlayBook. Just grab a BAR file for your app, connect your device via USB to your PC and after a quick setup, drop in the files you want to sideload. Once you give it a run a few times you'll be able to sideload apps in no time at all and wonder how you ever got by without it.

You can check out our full tutorial here for more info on sideloading using the BB10 / PlayBook App Manager for Google Chrome.

If you prefer the old school method, you can read up for both Windows and Mac as well.

Download the BB10 / PlayBook App Manager from the Chrome Web Store