BB Tweet Media Player Beta - Share what you're listening to on Twitter

Lots of folks like to share the music they are listening to with friends for better or worse. A new application for BlackBerry has emerged from this desire to share. BB Tweet Media player allows you to share the music you are listening to with those that follow you on Twitter. A few applications already exist that allow you do this but they are indeed, limited in numbers and most are paid solutions such as Slacker. Slacker, utilizes their own services to Tweet out the information but the goal of BB Tweet Media Player is to use the music that already exists on your device.

The application is most certainly beta and does have a few bugs in it. However, considering RIM doesn't provide any API's that tie into the media player the developer has had to essentially create his own BlackBerry media player on its own which allows you to Tweet out your music selections. Give it a shot, just remember it is beta and if you come across any bugs you can help the developer out by letting em know about them in the CrackBerry forums. You can also follow @bbtweetmedia to stay up to date on new builds.

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