Liberty Lite for BlackBerry Smartphones

We've mentioned Bayalink and their BES Liberty product a few times here in the blogs since we first named them a Best of WES winner in 2008. In case you're not familiar, Liberty is a BlackBerry Application Virtualization solution allowing a BlackBerry user to use a regular screen and regular keyboard to interact with certain BlackBerry applications. These include but are not limited to BlackBerry email, native email attachments, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos, and browser (Liberty uses IE, Firefox or Chrome to browse the internet via your BlackBerry).

While Bayalink's Liberty solution for BES users utlizes a bluetooth USB dongle to connect the BlackBerry to the computer, the new Liberty Lite version for BIS users is software only and connects the BlackBerry to computer via the standard USB cable that ships with the BlackBerry. New features in this Liberty Lite release include:

  • SMS/texting preliminary support
  • Integration with Skype desktop. (Users can now make Skype calls from their computer and Liberty routes the call through the BlackBerry. Now you can use your BlackBerry data plan to make Skype calls when you travel.) 
  • BlackBerry Messenger is coming soon!

Pricing for Liberty Lite is $59.99 for a perpetual license with the ability to install on unlimited computers. If you change your BlackBerry, Liberty will automatically transfer your license to your new BlackBerry .

Bayalink is looking for beta testers to download the 30 day trial and provide feedback. The trial can be found at Be sure to jump over to their site for more details and if you give it a go be sure to report back with your findings both in the comments and send it in to [email protected].

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