BlueBerry L900i

I had to post this in the "humor" category cuz it made me LOL...

If immitation is the highest form of flattery, then the good folks at Research in Motion should feel real honored right now. What you're looking at above (plenty more images after the jump) is the BlueBerry L900i, which is a knock-off of our beloved BlackBerry Bold.

Head on over to and you can pick up the BlueBerry L900i for the low low price of $164.99.  Here's a snippet from the sale page:

The L900i is a beautiful and useful phone.It looks very like BlackBerry, but we call it BlueBerry. It boasts Full QWERTY keyboard with intelligent input for easy one-handed typing.The keypad is very soft and delicate for users, The phone has 2.4 inch 240*320 pixels screen, bluetooth, and so on. The new design compromises the nobler and interest styles. It is a good choice for you.

What's more, the L900i is and affordable solution for DUAL GSM lines. Bluetooth headset is only supports the master SIM card calls but not the slave SIM card. Without switching the phone off, it allows for you to use 2 different sim cards to standby, but only one call can be received each time.

Dual SIM Card slots? Sign me up! haha. You can click on over for the full features and specs list. If anybody out there actually buys one of these things, please email me a full review. I'll be sure to run it on the blogs. OK RIM Legal... go get 'em boys!!

BlueBerry L900i Images


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