Did you play Battleships as a child? I know I did, although I don't remember liking it very much. The old naval game has been spiced up a bit for BlackBerry 10 courtesy of BattleShips 3D - Online War.

Much like the traditional game you start by placing your ships on your side of the board. Then it's time to fire your weapons at your opponent. You have an option when it comes to the missiles - you can either fire one at a time or multiple (5). As well as the multiple ones looking more impressive, it also speeds up the game which can be a bit long winded. When you strike an opponents ship it will be marked with a red dot instead of a white one if you miss.

You have the option to either play the computer or there is a online game too which is a nice feature. As you will no doubt tell from the video, the sound effects on BattleShips 3D are truly amazing. Not only the sound of the missiles firing but also the background radio chatter. It really adds an extra element to the game.

If you feel like spending £0.75/$1.00 on a classic game with fantastic sounds and graphics this could well be the one to go for. I like Battleships now - it's so much more fun than in the old days.

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