One of the many fantastic new features in BlackBerry 10.2.1 is the ability to instantly view your battery percentage with one single swipe. Prior to the update there was a couple of different options, but none as swift as they way we can do it now. 

There are a bunch of battery applications is BlackBerry World and while these will show your battery percentage on the Active Frame, it's now not quite as useful as it was prior to 10.2.1. 

The other option we have is to jump into the device monitor where you can not only see the battery percentage that's remaining, but also view its discharge over time, along with which apps are using the most juice. 

Viewing how much battery you have left is now super easy - and it's utilizing the peek feature we've had in BlackBerry 10 since day one. 

  • Just swipe up from the bottom bezel as you would to view your notifications and hey presto - your battery icon will switch to the number and percentage sign - sweet. 

This is one feature I use probably more than a dozen times a day and in fact could well be one of my favorite new additions introduced with BlackBerry 10.2.1. It's simple and pretty much instant to view your remaining power. The beauty of 'peek' is once again highlighted here. A small touch to the new OS, but a most welcomed one.