Battery Guru updated with OS 10.2 support

One of my most used and favorite apps on BlackBerry 10 just got an update. Right now, I don't use anything else to monitor my battery usage other than Battery Guru. It's a pretty awesome app and does its job well. It's the only app that constantly stays open as an Active Frame. The developer is pretty responsive too and I had the privilege of meeting him at BlackBerry Live 2013 back in May.

There isn't much to this update except for bringing OS 10.2 support. The app still functioned on OS 10.2 but it didn't detect that it was charging so this update fixes that. Though the alarms feature is now working, so you you can get alerted at percentage levels of your choice.

Note that Battery Guru must run in a Active Frame in order for it to function but the developer has recently received approval to run Battery Guru as a headless app so that is certainly one thing to look forward to when that officially drops.

If you haven't checked out Battery Guru before you can check out our hands on demo. It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $1.99, if you don't already have it. Otherwise, updating costs you nothing.

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