With the demise of the Connect to Dropbox app on BlackBerry 10, folks looking to make use of Dropbox on BlackBerry 10 have had to resort to alternative options such as their browser or the Android for accessing their files but a new native Dropbox client for BlackBerry 10 called Basket is now available.


  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Download from Dropbox
  • Enable autoload camera files
  • Create folders
  • Move/Rename/Delete folders and files
  • View folder/file properties
  • Share/Unshare folders
  • Manage shared folder users
  • Create/Revoke shared links
  • Stream multimedia files (audio/video)
  • Open docs: PDFs, docs, spreadsheets and so on
  • "Share" file or several files with app (Basket will be invoked as Card inside the invocation app, uploading files will be in headless mode)
  • "Share" an URL with app. It may be an image from internet or some html-page etc. The URL will be saved in Dropbox.
  • Download a folder from Dropbox as ZIP file. - Note Dropbox has restrictions: folder shouldn't be more than 1Gb and shouldn't contain more than 10k files inside.

Now, while Basket is a great native app, it's not a complete replacement for the Connect to Dropbox offering that came preloaded on BlackBerry 10. With Basket, there is no integration with the built-in file manager which was a key highlight of the Connect to Dropbox app. If you're looking to give Basket a go, it's available now for $3.99 on BlackBerry World. If you want more details, or have feature requests, be sure to check out the developer's post in the CrackBerry Forums.

Learn More / Purchase Basket from BlackBerry World