Yet another free great time killing game has made its way to BlackBerry 10. Basket Ball 3D is pretty much your typical 'get the ball in the hoop' style game but developed brilliantly and with three games within the game. 

Once again, there is a paid version of the app which is ad-free and there are some in-app purchases if you fancy unlocking some different environments and balls, but I've been rocking the free edition and it's a real beauty. 

The three styles of game are: 

  • Time Attack
  • Sudden Death
  • Challenge 

With each game you have five basket balls at the base of the screen. You can flick them up towards the hoop in any order you like and the way they bounce and handle is very realistic. Your score, timer and target/stage will be displayed above the hoop on a score board and combined with bright neon graphics and some funky background music the game is so much better than I thought it would be - and all for free! 

From the home screen you'll notice a selection of tabs at the bottom of the display. This is where you can jump into the store, alter the music and SFX and most interestingly - view your statistics for all three styles of game. 

Basket Ball 3D is available for the Blackberry Z30 and Z10. With no cash involved I'd urge you to give it a go. Possibly an awesome one for the commute to work - unless you're driving of course! 

More information/Download Basket Ball 3D for BlackBerry 10