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CES 2023

If you have a lot of gadgets, you know all too well the struggles of keeping them charged while hiding the tangle of cables. Scosche just announced an elegant way to organize and display your everyday carry tech while keeping it charged at the same time.

Baselynx Hero W Devices
Source: Scosche

BaseLynx 2.0

The BaseLynx 2.0 system is modular and can be customized based on the devices you have, or how you want them to look when you're charging them up.

There's an elevated wireless charging stand to display your phone (perfect for Standby Mode), underneath which you can also charge your AirPods case. A separate segment has an Apple Watch charger that rises up from the base at a right angle.

Source: Scosche

A rack provides spots to hold three additional devices (e-reader, tablet, work phone) with USB C ports to charge them.

Plus there's a 120V AC outlet that also has a 67W USB-C port, giving you the versatility to plug in and charge a laptop.

Qi2 Charging

In 2010, Qi charging was introduced to the world. As we slide into 2024, the next generation of high-speed wireless charging, Qi2 has emerged. The full impact of Qi2 is outside of the scope of this article, but there are benefits for speed, compatibility, and more.

The next generation of wireless charging has arrived

BaseLynx 2.0 System features Qi2-certified magnetic wireless charging. iPhone 15/Pro models support this format (though there's also a MagSafe all-white version of this charging contraption available through Apple), and as new flagship phones are introduced, they're likely to adopt Qi2. If you have a Qi device, it will still charge it. But when the time comes to upgrade, this system gives you a bit of future proofing.

Multi Charger


BaseLynx 2.0 Pro Kit

To keep all your favorite devices charged and at the ready, the BaseLynx 2.0 Pro Kit is a fantastic option. It's modular design allows you to configure the various charging stations to your needs.

Cable Clean Up

As a person who has far too many tablets and phones that I want charged at all times, this station definitely speaks to me. I'm hoping to go hands-on with BaseLynx while at CES, so we can do a proper CrackBerry review in the near future.

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