We first took a look at BaSA (Battery and System Analyzer) on video back in early 2014 when it was first released. Since then it has already had an update - including headless support (as long as you're running OS 10.2.1) - and now we see yet another, this time with a ton of new implementations. 

Although we have the Device Monitor built into BlackBerry 10, BaSA shows a whole lot more information about how your BlackBerry is performing. Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and free to download it's well worth checking out. To unlock all the apps features you will need to purchase the full version, but it's worth it if you ask me. 

Change log for Version 0.9.0: (only for 10.2.1 or newer)

  • A first implementation of the new power monitoring graph which shares now the diagram with the temperature graph
  • New scale Button for the power value at the Battery and Analyze screens in the upper left corner of the diagram
  • Corrected typos and changed the name of some properties
  • New setting to change the properties text size back to small if preferred
  • The headless module which runs in the background tracks now also the last time unplugged and last time fully charged values
  • Integrated the new BlackBerry Device Monitor as a card invocation since it is a great addition to get some values down to a application level whereas BaSA monitors the system only on a device level but provides a lot more function in parameters and analysis several internal changes at the battery storage module
  • Moved the power, current and voltage widgets below the graphs at the widget screen
  • Some minor layout changes at the Battery Tab

More information/Download BaSA for BlackBerry 10