For those of you that like to keep on eye on your battery usage and what's using up power, you'll be pleased to here that Battery and System Analyzer (BaSA) has received a nice update - including headless support for users running OS 10.2.1. 

We first took a look on video at the native BlackBerry 10 app back at the start of the year so it's encouraging to see the developer working hard to bring us some enhancements to what was already an awesome and very in depth application. 

Changes in release 0.8.4: HEADLESS (10.2.1 firmware) - for 10.2.0 firmware this is version 0.8.3

  • Several layout improvements, fixed text size at several places but increased default size of property values at the same time to ensure always readable values
  • New layout for the "diagram refresh bar" at the Widget screen, the Refresh Button was removed from the top and the TitleBar hides now automatically while scrolling. This way you get more available space on the widget screen, you can even turn off the "diagram refresh bar" in the settings to get even more useable space
  • New quicksetting for the widget screen to change fast the timeframe of the graphs

Since the first video review of BaSA at CrackBerry there were even more changes:

  • New battery monitoring backend
  • New low level battery parameters: Voltage, Current and Power - You can find the new parameters at the Properties page. Put them on the Widget page in case they are important for you. In one of the next updates more stuff will get possible with those values, including a new graph and new options for the ActiveFrame. (Small secret hint: "Powermeter" - the developer is working on this feature since several weeks and we may get it with some luck before March)
  • A new "warn on exit" Dialog, you can turn this off in the settings
  • Initial small steps at some places to support shortcut buttons for devices with keyboard like BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 
  • Analyze function supports now diagram drawing with up to 7 days
  • New readout function at the analyze chart for the used storage including delta mode (Internal and SD Card)
  • New Button to select the current readout mode (the symbol represents now the currently selected mode)
  • Some changes and adaptions at the new storage Tab 
  • Separate properties page for storage related details
  • Several small performance improvements
  • Improved memory management (less cached data to reduce the amount of data in the RAM)

Battery and System Analyzer is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free to download for an initial trial. 

More information/Download BASA for BlackBerry 10