If you are looking for a third party solution to see what your BlackBerry 10 battery is getting up to then look no further than Battery and System Analyzer. The app is rather in depth and is the perfect way for you to keep an eye on what's going on inside your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Once again, the app has been updated with fixes and some new features - which we always like to see. New in this latest version is the following:

  • Fixed an annoying bug at the new and optional text based Active Frame which caused a bad layout on the Z3 and Z30.

  • Fixed a bug at the opacity rendering engine of the Analyze screen (21.6% brighter graphs are now possible)

  • New Option Button bar at the Analyze Screen (to have some space for an additional button in the next release)

  • A layout fix for the Power scale toggle at the Battery Detail page (Q10 & Q5)

  • Added a vertical scale for the cellular signal strength at the cellular details tab

  • For the free demo version of BaSA the position of the plaster was changed at the result page of the network traffic monitor to give more free options to test and check before upgrading to the full featured version

Another perfect example of a dedicated BlackBerry 10 developer striving to offer the best - sweet.

More information/Download BaSA (free) for BlackBerry 10