BARRT Public Beta

If you're into testing beta applications and are a hardcore BlackBerry user, meaning you have more than one device/switch devices fairly often, you're going to like love this. It's simple and gets the job of balancing PINS and Apps done! I just tested out the beta of BARRT and have made it available on the servers for easy download.

What is BARRT?

Straight from BARRT's User Manual: 

BARRT is an acronym for Blackberry Application Reregistration Request Tool.

There is a wide variety of software applications available for Blackberry devices. Often, commercial applications have a unique registration key based on the unique PIN number of the device. This protects the software vendor from piracy, and protects the user’s investment in the software from use by others. Unfortunately, if you need to swap your Blackberry device, you have to ask the software vendors for another registration code, based on your new PIN number. To do this, you need to have not only a list of the software installed on your device, but the registration numbers, and vendor contact information as well. For most, this is an infrequent task, but a cumbersome one.

Storing all the information needed to request Reregistration and reducing the time this process takes was the catalyst for the creation of BARRT.

BARRT is a small database application that allows a Blackberry user to store the names, registration codes, and vendor email addresses of all of their software applications. If a user changes their device, at the click of a button they can generate emails* requesting Reregistration codes from any or all of the application vendors stored in the database.

More Screenshots, Info, and Download Details after the jump. 

BARRT Screenshots

User Setup
Email Test
All Messages

About the Public Beta

  • Public Beta Expries March 7, 2008
  • The demo database will only store 9 application records, but otherwise is fully functional
  • The final version will be password protected with encrypted databases and indexes for added security
  • Built on Windows XP - should be backwards compatible through Windows 98 and work on Vista
  • If there is sufficienct interest, will become commercially available after the initial Beta period for a nominal fee
  • Send any Comments, Bugs, Suggestions to [email protected]

Download BARRT Beta

The file is 780kb and includes the User's Manual. You can also view the User's Manual withouth downloading the .zip (incase you want to get a better feel for the app before downloading to your computer). Remember, this is a Beta software and assumes no responsibilities. Don't download unless you are comfortable with Beta software.

Be sure to post your comments here, and send them into [email protected]. Enjoy!! 

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