Stacking games are certainly nothing new, but Barrel Stacker attracted me for a couple of reasons. First up - and this will please most folk is the fact that it is available for the BlackBerry Z10,Q10 and Q5 - so everyone rocking a BB10 device can enjoy it. Secondly was the graphics. They are stunning. The colors almost want to burst out from the screen and although I played it on my Z10 I now wish I had it on the Q10 instead as I bet it looks even better on the AMOLED display.

Although the concept is really straight forward the game isn't as easy as it looks. You have one barrel already on the ground and above it will be another which scrolls across the screen. When you want to drop it onto the other, just give the display a tap and down it falls. The aim of the game is just to get as many barrels stacked as possible, so it isn't rocket science but it's fun.

Did I mention the cool graphics? As well as being beautiful in terms of colors there is a nice rainbow behind a tree and butterflies will flutter across the screen - sometimes in the background or sometimes right up close. The developer has done a super job here and turned a basic game into a fantastic one.

If you have a spare £0.75/$0.99 treat yourself. Why not post your highest scores in the comments? I'm going to carry on playing so I'll be adding mine later. I'm only up to eight at the moment.

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