Barman Tour for BlackBerry 10 is all about testing your skills in a manor I've not seen before in a game. To be honest - when I first looked at it in BlackBerry World I wasn't that excited but I made the decision to give it a go and it's actually pretty addictive. 

Getting the hang of the game is easy - but being good at it certainly comes with practice. The idea is that with each level you will have a glass on the display. Above the glass is a percentage and you need to touch the glass where you think that percentage would be. You get three lives with each game and although my description may sound like it will be a breeze I can assure you it isn't as with each level you complete the glass changes. Some are tall and slim and others are fat or weird shaped meaning that you really need to think about where the glass would be filled with the suggested percentage. 

So the challenge is to complete as many levels as you can in each round and then you'll move onto a different country which can be viewed from a map in the main menu. The better you do - the higher the score you'll get. There are also a ton of achievements you can win as you travel around the different continents. 

For under a buck Barman Tour is a great little game - perfect for those times when you have a few minutes to kill. 

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