I hate spending money. If I can save $.20 on a can of mushrooms, I'll do it, and when it comes to big purchases I will scour flyers and websites looking for the best possible deal I can find. Only one problem, I can't exactly lug my laptop around with me while I'm actually in the store, so I'm forced to go with the information I've already gleaned from home. Sccope is an app with the mission to help you save those hard earned dollars, giving you the ability to compare prices right there in the store on your trusty device. Three options are available to you when you want to check an item, you can scan a barcode, enter a product number, or browse for it by category. Really want that particular TV, but the price comparisons aren't enough to get you to buy right now? Add it to your wishlist and get notified when the price drops so you can zip down and grab it. The service even includes live coupons from some of the larger retailers, saving you the time of searching for them. At a price point of $2,99, it's pretty reasonable, considering it could pay for itself by finding one bargain. Available in App World for OS 4.5 and up, but you'll need to be running 5.0 if you want to use barcode scanning. The Storm series is also not supported at this time.

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