Barcodes were all the rage when BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 popped up. The ability to scan an image and add a contact is definitely one of the best features. Tons of What's your bardcode threads popped up in the forums, and images spread on Twitter asking people to "Scan Me". Did you know that the ability to scan barcodes and receive content is nothing new? For quite a while, many companies have been offering barcodes on their products, advertisements or printed media that links directly to mobile content. Laptop Magazine has barcodes throughout its pages that allow you to link to exclusive mobile content. Some newer movie posters and even some electronic products have barcodes on them that link to mobile sites with additonal information. The codes make it easier for companies to deliver what they want, without the need for the end-user to have to type in a long web address. They are multiple free apps that work on various devices. ScanLife, Kaywa reader, I-nigma reader, NeoReader and more. All of these apps can be installed on your device and allow you to scan barcodes using your camera. The scans are typically saved and processed, and then you are taken to the mobile content on your device. They also give you the option to type in barcode numbers, save them and more. You can even create your own barcodes and link to your website.  So what do you think - are barcodes making things easier or more overwhelming? Will more companies/industries be using them in the future?