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The popular barcode reader ScanLife has added some great new features to their mobile app to give a more customized experience. Scanlife now includes local prices, coupons and customize nutiriton information for scanned products. The information will be relevant to whatever product is scanned. Features include:

  • Local prices via Scan the code to see what other local stores currently have the product in-stock and how the price at one compares to another down the block.
  • Digital coupons from Scan a code from a product in your home or on the go to get relevant coupons from top manufacturers. Customers can scan a box of cereal or bottle of shampoo to find and print coupons for savings in the store.
  • Nutrition information via Food Essentials. Scan the code to see if there are specific allergens like gluten or peanuts in a specific food, or get other health information like calories and sugars.

The new version of ScanLife is available now OTA from