Amazon's free app of the day today is a real gem. I hadn't heard of Bamba before this morning but as soon as I saw it was available I downloaded it to my Passport and it was instantly clear that this one was worth sharing.

The physics based game consists of a very simple concept, but one that becomes more and more tricky as you move through the levels.

You control a chap on a unicycle and by touching the BlackBerry display you can alter between him moving forwards and back. That's nice and straight forward, however, when you are on a relatively small surface, with obstacles to avoid, things sure get spiced up. And to make life even harder you can't go over the edge of the platform or you'll plummet to your death. With each level the combination of platform shape, plus obstacle makes for a fun challenge.

At the top right of the display is a timer. Just survive until this runs out and that'll be the level complete.

To complement the awesome game play Bamba has some beautiful crisp graphics and also comes with a rather sweet backing track. All-round a real winner and the perfect game for us BlackBerry 10 users to get our hands on for free.

As usual, sometimes the free app of the day varies depending on region. If you're seeing something else today please let us know?

Bamba includes:

  • One touch control

  • 25 levels

  • Just tap to change the unicycle direction

  • Physics simulation

  • 5 worlds

How far can you get with Bamba? Let us know in the comments?

How to download Bamba using the Amazon Appstore