Balsillie and LazaridisThe top two executives at Research in Motion are in the top three of the 2006 pay-list for canadian executives. RIM's Jim Balsillie was the highest paid Canadian executive last year taking home $54 million dollars (there's a reason he can afford a hockey team!). 53 and a half million of Jim's $54 million was in stock options. RIM's other Co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis made $33 million including gains made on stock options.

In between Balsillie and Lazaridis was Glenn Murphy, the former CEO of Shoppers Drug Mart at $34 million. Paul Desmarais Junior came in fourth at $31 million, and number five on the list is now held by John Lederer at Loblaws with $23 million pay in 2006. You can find the list of the top100 highest paid executives is in The Globe & Mail.

Congrats Guys! You deserve it!  

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