No matter which BlackBerry 10 handheld you own, there are a variety of cases at your disposal. Whether they be lightweight skin or crunk cases, hard shell cases, transform cases, or rugged full body protection ones, there is always something out there to keep your device secure from everyday drops or falls.

Over the years, I’ve become obsessed​ quite the collector. Searching for the perfect case is not easy and combine that with my tendency to break things, it is a necessity. Therefore my preference is in cases that are the most impact resistant. As I have used Ballistic cases in the past, it was a no brainer to check out the Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case for the BlackBerry Z10.  

Design and Protection

The one common denominator in these rugged cases is that you sacrifice the lightweight feel of your device for extra protection. Some may categorize this as being bulky or clunky. While I do find the case to be heavier, it is not a detriment but a compliment. It does not weigh your device down like a brick but feels sturdy which in turn offers a better grip.  

Ballistic SG Series Case Back

It offers three layers of protection in a two piece design. The outermost layer is a soft shock absorbent polymer layer that is smooth to the touch. It is molded to the second layer that is an impact resistant polycarbonate shell. Finally, the third and innermost layer is a soft silicone skin with their signature Ballistic corners for extra shock absorption.

The corners for me are my favorite part of the design and the reason why these cases hold up so well during daily use. They offer extreme drop protection coverage to the point where your device literally bounces. I say this speaking from personal experience with all of my Ballistic cases.

Ballistic SG Series Case Volume Buttons

Another reason the skin layer protrudes from the shell is the “lay-on-table” feature. It ensures that if the BlackBerry Z10 falls flat on its face or is laid on a table, the screen never touches or is affected by the surface it comes in contact with. Some may ask whether these raised sides affect swiping or BlackBerry 10 gestures. To date, I have not experienced any hindrance in typing or swiping from the edges.


Some two part cases are difficult to snap on. In the past I’ve actually broken the outer shell trying to do so. In this case you merely wrap the skin around the edges of the BlackBerry Z10 and glide the outer layer over it. Two steps and it is all in place with no hassle when removing either. 

Drop test and liquid test

Normally I would never drop my device on purpose, but accidents happen. No matter the height or type of surface, the case bore the entire impact without showing a scratch, mark, or smudge and my Z10 remained intact and in one piece.

As for the liquid test, I unfortunately spilled a bottle of Diet Coke on my desk and over part of my device. I must say cleanup was easy and the skin case layer prevented the liquid from getting inside.

The Good

  • Three layers of protection for better impact resistance
  • Ballistic corners offer extreme shock absorption against drops and falls
  • Simple installation/removal – is not extremely tight
  • Ports are fully accessible
  • Does not show dirt or scratches easily
  • Excellent grip – does not slip easily out of your hands
  • Available in two color options

The Bad

  • No port protection allows dust and dirt to get in
  • Some may find it to be too thick and not as fashionable
The Bottom Line

Ballistic has been around for some time and I enjoy their lineup of cases for BlackBerry. The Shell (SG) case offers maximum protection for your BlackBerry Z10 with the exception of covering up the ports. The question of whether to go for a rugged, full body case is always a tough one. However, the weight is not as cumbersome as you might think. If you want top notch protection for a low price, this combo gives you all of that without taking away functionality even when carrying around in your pocket.


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