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All month long we've been helping you get in shape, sleep well, and exercise regularly. This week's theme is all about bringing it all together to lead a balanced life by incorporating all of our tips, lessons, and advice shared in the forums. Remember there is still time to win a $400 gift certificate in the mother of all prizes by letting us know how you've been inspired by Fitness Month by entering here.

To help navigate through the plethora of applications available in BlackBerry World pertaining to health and wellness, here are just a few to help you on your way.

Health Tracker PRO

Health Tracker Pro by XLabz Technologies

One of the ways in which we can stay healthy is by using a tracking application. XLabz Technologies has taken things up a notch with their comprehensive and intuitive application called Health Tracker Pro. This application allows you to track your blood sugar, blood pressure, and BMI all in one place. It features a dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of your readings and all of the interfaces are color coded to help understand risk values or limits. Health Tracker features an export feature so reports can be emailed to physicians, lets users enter notes, tracks weight and height, and includes graphs to show individual health trends. Everything you need to track and maintain your health is in one simple and elegant application for your BlackBerry Z10 and PlayBook for $2.99.

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RelaxBook Nature

RelaxBook Nature by webgota

One of the suggestions during Fitness Month to ensure mental well-being and a good night's rest was RelaxBook Nature. Stress is just one factor that wreaks havoc on your health and being exposed to it on a daily basis can put it at jeopardy. Why not listen to the soothing and realistic sounds of nature to help battle those restless nights and reduce stress? This FREE application is compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10. While you're at it be sure to listen to the Zen and Tech Podcast on sleep and relaxation for some helpful tips on changing your sleeping habits.

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My Health Records

My Health Records - Health n Family by PurpleTalk, Inc.

Another health information tracker is My Health Records by PurpleTalk, Inc. By using this application, all of your family members can track, store and access their medical records, vaccination log, doctors' appointments, and prescriptions right from their BlackBerry. It also conveniently stores a variety of vital information including emergency numbers, insurance details, and lab reports. This application is valuable especially for those who suffer from chronic ailments that require daily monitoring. My Health Records is available for $2.99 for devices running OS 5 and higher.

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CF PillPad

CF PillPad HD by Alade Designs

Tracking medications is another way of maintaining your health. Whether you are on one medication or several, CF PillPad HD will help patients track their dosages and manage their complete list without relying on memory. Thiis application tracks multiple individuals and medications, includes Web Sources to research the different drugs being taken, and provides links to the major US and Canadian Pharmacies to refill those prescriptions. Speaking from experience, this is an invaluable tool for daily pill management and for ensuring your family members adhere to their dosages. As someone living with a relative who juggles multiple medications having a list close at hand is a lifesaver especially at the doctor's office. CF PillPad is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook for $0.99 and Z10 for $1.99.

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Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie Recipes by optimisedtech

As part of my gym routine I would make fruit smoothies, sometimes mixed with whey protein, to carry me through my workouts. Whether you are searching for the perfect smoothie for post workout recovery or just looking for a fun recipe for juices and shakes there is Smoothie Recipes by optimisedtech. Filled with a variety of mouthwatering and delicious drinks, you can blend all of your fruits and vegetables into one nutritional drink to help you meet your daily quota. So why not whip out that blender and concoct some lean, mean beverages to help you lose weight and fend off hunger. It is available for most devices running OS 5 and higher, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Z10 for $0.99.

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Skin Care

Skin Care by Kriti Jain

Believe it or not, the body's biggest organ is the skin. As such, it serves a valuable purpose in protecting us each and every day, maintaining our body temperature, and, more importantly, keeping our other organs in one place. From the harsh elements in the environment to the harmful rays of the sun on our sensitive bodies, Skin Care by Kriti Jain includes tips to make sure your skin looks nice and includes various remedies and treatments with easy-to-follow instructions. You can find this application for FREE in BlackBerry World for the Z10.

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Health Companion

Health Companion by Codeten

For those looking for well-informed answers, definitions or quick access to medical terminology there is Health Companion by Codeten. Not only does it include comprehensive meanings for reading and research but also web references and links to access. There is nothing like having a pocket reference guide to take with you no matter where you go. Health Companion is powered by NHS and contains thousands of articles organized by category, A-Z database of various condition types and illness possibilities, and thoroughly detailed information regarding symptoms, causes, diagnoses, treatments, etc. It even includes the ability to search for a local general practitioner or emergency center. Health Companion is available for FREE for most BlackBerry devices including the PlayBook and Z10.

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Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG

Calorie Tracker by Livestrong

To help keep you focused on your nutrition and caloric goals there is Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG. Not only does it does it keep a diary of the foods you eat on a daily basis, but syncs with their website to access the largest database of food and restaurant items. This application allows users to search through their vast nutritional database of over 500,000 food items, track your caloric burn, and provide the knowledge you need to make smarter food decisions and to lose weight without going hungry. If you're looking for motivation all year long, Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG is available for $2.99 for devices running OS 4.2 and higher (not compatible with BlackBerry 10).

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Have any favorite health or wellness applications you would like to share? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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