Although I hit up the Amazon Appstore on my BlackBerry 10 devices each day I don't always download the 'free app of the day' unless it's one I really think both you readers and myself would enjoy using. That happened today when I discovered Bag It. As usual with me, my first thoughts of a puzzle game were that I won't like it too much, but I was very wrong - Bag It rocks.

While the thought of filling a grocery bag with various items may not sound too appealing you need to give it a chance. Once you load this one up you'll instantly be pleased with the wonderful bright, clean graphics and as you would expect you get given a brief tutorial.

The items available will appear above the bag and it's just a case of dragging them into the bag. Of course, there's more to it than that as you won't want to break fragile items and you can also rotate items as you need to fill the bag up as much as possible to achieve the best score.

I'm pretty sure my description doesn't do it justice so you'll have to trust me on this one. Give it a go and let us know what you think? I will warn you though that I think this one has the potential to be addictive.

Features of Bag It include:

  • 100+ unique levels! Try to get 3 stars and both medals for each - master them all!

  • Standard, Rampage, and Puzzle modes!

  • Seedy's Booty - an all new matching challenge mode! Collect coins, buy power-ups, and see if you can best your Facebook friends!

  • 3 endless modes - Ultimate Bagger, Endless Rampage, and Power Surge!

  • Over 30 achievements to earn!


  • Your grocery characters come to life - it's like "Tetris meets Toy Story"!

  • Unique grocery combos - try to find them all!

  • Custom tailored translations in 7 languages!

I used my BlackBerry Passport to play Bag It. If you encounter any issues with other devices, especially Q series, please sound off in the comments?

Also, if you're seeing another app/game as Amazon's free app of the day please say? Occasionally it does vary around the globe.

How to download Bag It using the Amazon Appstore